VAT Enabled POS+ Inventory Management

Letinnet POS is comprehensive billing and inventory solution, developed with state-of-art technology in compliance with latest UAE Federal Tax Authority rules and regulations. This is an end-to-end solution capable to manage regular billing and inventory in easy manner. Letinnet POS maintain and supply all required data for accounting and tax returns.


Simple to use

5 Years Data Retention in our
Servers as per UAE VAT regulation

Suitable for both
Goods & Services

Suitable for Shop &
Delivery Van sales

60,000+preloaded items
(for supermarket and grocery)

Fetch and Print item
name in English & Arabic

Customizable Invoice

Access all reports in
mobile for management

Best Performance

Low Monthly Fee

Minimum Setup Fee

Cloud Based database

Works online &
Offline mode

Made for retail

24X7 Customer

Instant Integration with Weighing
Scale, Cash Drawer, customer
display, etc.


Product/Service Management

• Add/Edit/List Product/Service
• Automatically assign 5% VAT to all products/service and you can define if different % is applicable
• Simply scan bar code and get English and Arabic Name of most of the Grocery products available in UAE.
• Seamlessly adding your product/service to the database during billing
• Price Update
• Add Tags (category/sub category/brand) and assign to product/services
• Browse/Search Products while billing
• Load product/service details from Excel (Optional)


• Can start your billing just after installation, not required to configure product or service before your first bill
• Add item by scanning bar code/typing product code/searching/browsing from product list
• Calculate and show tax and apply rounding as per UAE VAT regulation
• Edit quantity from bill or Void/remove item from bill
• Hold and resume multiple bills
• Void Invoice
• Accept cash/card with all details
• Show Item Detail, Total, etc. to customer display (Optional)
• Automatically print TAX Invoice
• Security key in tax Invoice to ensure genuine sales return
• Print invoice in POS Thermal printer or A4 printer based on your business requirement
• Storing copy of printed tax invoice in our servers for future reference as per UAE tax rule
• Design format of your invoice as per UAE Tax Rule and your Brand with Logo, Store Name, Address, TRN, Return Policy Etc.
• View previous bills

Cash Register

• Can integrate with any electronic cash drawer (Optional)
• Automatically open cash drawer when user entering CASH payment
• Open CASH drawer only when there is a cash sale or Supervisor/Manager login

Sales Return

• Accept Sales Return of one or more item or entire invoice
• Allow only genuine sales return by cross checking secret key in the invoice bar code

Delivery & Customer Management

• Add/Edit/Search Customer
• Store Name, Mobile, Phone, Flat, Building and Location of Customer
• Add TRN of corporate customer and include in Invoice (Optional)
• Search customer based on name or mobile
• Place order
• Print customer details in Tax Invoice
• Mark payment details after delivery
• Mark credit sale
• List credit sale and mark as paid using cash/card
• Show pending credits against each delivery boys

Shift & Day Closing

• View POS Status any time with total sale, total tax, total cash, total card, etc
• View and Print X & Z Reports
• Close POS daily once or more as per your shifts

Syn/Backup Data

• Sync your data to server every day
• Automatic Sync (If WIFI available) or Manual Sync (using mobile Hotspot)
• Sync Data with Multiple Terminals in one Store or different Branch
• We will keep copy of all sales invoices, purchase invoices Etc for 5 years in our servers as per UAE Tax rule.

POS Settings

• Can configure printer, cash register, customer display, Etc from POS application itself within minutes without software or hardware knowledge

Hardware Integrations

• Touch Screen
• Printer
• Cash Register
• Customer Display
• Bar Code Scanner
• Magnetic or RFID card reader


• Add/View/Edit/List/Approve/Reject outbound Purchase Orders (Optional)
• Convert Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice (Optional)
• Add Purchase invoice with details like items, tax, supplier TRN, etc

Stock Management

• Opening Stock Management
• Load Opening Balance from Excel (Optional)
• Periodic Stock Taking (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)
• Damage/Waste/Lost Item Management
• Can sell item even before entering purchase.

Audit Log

• Each changes by all users are logged with time and activity details
• User Login/Logout also logged

User Management

• Multiple Users
• Different User Roles
• Cashier - With limited access
• Supervisor - With supervisor access (Optional)
• Manager/Admin - With full access
• Simply type password or scan card to change user
• Add/Edit/List/Enable/Disable/Change Role of the users
• Change Password & Reset Password

Multiple Stores/Terminals

• One establishment or owner can add different stores within/different industry (Supermarket, Grocery, Cafeteria, Saloon, Etc) to same account and in each store can have one or more POS terminals
• Management can view data of all stores/terminals from same screen.

Web/Mobile Dashboard & Charts

• Dashboard can access from mobile or computer of owner/manager
• View reports of multiple stores of same owner from single application
• Daily Sales Status Charts based on Product/Service Category, Staff Name, Sales Type (Walking, Delivery, Etc), and Payment Method (Cash/Card)
• Daily Sales Growth
• Monthly Sales Growth Chart and Sales comparison with previous year sales
• Total Gross Profit Charts
• Category and Item based Sales, Purchase, Gross Profit Charts
• Fast Moving & Slow Moving Item Analysis Charts
• Charts to understand trend of item/category (Increase/Decrease in Sale)
• Compare staff sale performance
• Sales return analysis charts


• Sales Report
• Purchase Report
• Sales Return Report
• Product/Service Master
• Report to show details of inbound & outbound tax based on Purchases and Sales
• Stock Report
• POS Day/Shift Report
• Gross Profit/Loss Report
• Gross Profit/Loss /Item Report
• Audit Log Report
• Export all reports to Excel/PDF