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Butterfly Portal, leading software solution provider established in 2003 based in UAE. It serves many government, semi-government and private entities from different industries since its inception.
Butterfly Portal offers wide range of cloud based applications under the series named ‘Letinnet’ to automate business processes.
Letinnet POS is a comprehensive billing and inventory solution, developed with state-of-art technology in compliance with latest UAE Federal Tax Authority rules and regulations. This is an end-to-end solution capable to manage regular billing and inventory in easy manner. Letinnet POS maintain and supply all required data for accounting and tax returns.

VAT Enabled POS+ Inventory Management


Simple to use

5 Years Data Retention in our
Servers as per UAE VAT regulation

Suitable for both
Goods & Services

Suitable for Shop &
Van sales

Made for retail

60,000+preloaded items
(for supermarket and grocery)

All Restaurant

Fetch and Print item
name in English & Arabic

Customizable Invoice template

Best Performance

Low Monthly Fee

Cloud Based database

Works online &
Offline mode

Access all reports in
mobile for management

24X7 Customer

Instant Integration with Weighing
Scale, Cash Drawer, customer
display, etc.


· Add/Edit/List Product/Service
· Automatically assign 5% VAT to all products/service and you can define if different % is applicable
· Simply scan bar code and get English and Arabic Name of most of the Grocery products available in UAE.
· Seamlessly adding your product/service to the database during billing
· Price Update
· Add Tags (category/sub category/brand) and assign to product/services
· Browse/Search Products while billing
· Load product/service details from Excel (Optional)
· Can start your billing just after installation, not required to configure product or service before your first bill
· Add item by scanning bar code/typing product code/searching/browsing from product list
· Calculate and show tax and apply rounding as per UAE VAT regulation
· Edit quantity from bill or Void/remove item from bill
· Hold and resume multiple bills
· Void Invoice
· Accept cash/card with all details
· Show Item Detail, Total, etc. to customer display (Optional)
· Automatically print TAX Invoice
· Security key in tax Invoice to ensure genuine sales return
· Print invoice in POS Thermal printer or A4 printer based on your business requirement
· Storing copy of printed tax invoice in our servers for future reference as per UAE tax rule
· Design format of your invoice as per UAE Tax Rule and your Brand with Logo, Store Name, Address, TRN, Return Policy Etc.
· View previous bills
· Can integrate with any electronic cash drawer (Optional)
· Automatically open cash drawer when user entering CASH payment
· Open CASH drawer only when there is a cash sale or Supervisor/Manager login
· Accept Sales Return of one or more item or entire invoice
· Allow only genuine sales return by cross checking secret key in the invoice bar code
· Add/Edit/Search Customer
· Store Name, Mobile, Phone, Flat, Building and Location of Customer
· Add TRN of corporate customer and include in Invoice (Optional)
· Search customer based on name or mobile
· Place order
· Print customer details in Tax Invoice
· Mark payment details after delivery
· Mark credit sale
· List credit sale and mark as paid using cash/card
· Show pending credits against each delivery boys
· View POS Status any time with total sale, total tax, total cash, total card, etc
· View and Print X & Z Reports
· Close POS daily once or more as per your shifts
· Sync your data to server every day
· Automatic Sync (If WIFI available) or Manual Sync (using mobile Hotspot)
· Sync Data with Multiple Terminals in one Store or different Branch
· We will keep copy of all sales invoices, purchase invoices Etc for 5 years in our servers as per UAE Tax rule.
· Can configure printer, cash register, customer display, Etc from POS application itself within minutes without software or hardware knowledge
· Touch Screen
· Printer
· Cash Register
· Customer Display
· Bar Code Scanner
· Magnetic or RFID card reader
· Add/View/Edit/List/Approve/Reject outbound Purchase Orders (Optional)
· Convert Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice (Optional)
· Add Purchase invoice with details like items, tax, supplier TRN, etc
· Opening Stock Management
· Load Opening Balance from Excel (Optional)
· Periodic Stock Taking (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)
· Damage/Waste/Lost Item Management
· Can sell item even before entering purchase.
· Each changes by all users are logged with time and activity details
· User Login/Logout also logged
· Multiple Users
· Different User Roles
· Cashier - With limited access
· Supervisor - With supervisor access (Optional)
· Manager/Admin - With full access
· Simply type password or scan card to change user
· Add/Edit/List/Enable/Disable/Change Role of the users
· Change Password & Reset Password
· One establishment or owner can add different stores within/different industry (Supermarket, Grocery, Cafeteria, Saloon, Etc) to same account and in each store can have one or more POS terminals
· Management can view data of all stores/terminals from same screen.
· Dashboard can access from mobile or computer of owner/manager
· View reports of multiple stores of same owner from single application
· Daily Sales Status Charts based on Product/Service Category, Staff Name, Sales Type (Walking, Delivery, Etc), and Payment Method (Cash/Card)
· Daily Sales Growth
· Monthly Sales Growth Chart and Sales comparison with previous year sales
· Total Gross Profit Charts
· Category and Item based Sales, Purchase, Gross Profit Charts
· Fast Moving & Slow Moving Item Analysis Charts
· Charts to understand trend of item/category (Increase/Decrease in Sale)
· Compare staff sale performance
· Sales return analysis charts
· Sales Report
· Purchase Report
· Sales Return Report
· Product/Service Master
· Report to show details of inbound & outbound tax based on Purchases and Sales
· Stock Report
· POS Day/Shift Report
· Gross Profit/Loss Report
· Gross Profit/Loss /Item Report
· Audit Log Report
· Export all reports to Excel/PDF

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